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Why not change the course for the next vacation! If you are used to big cities, this time, we recommend you to escape in the heart of nature in our outdoor hotels. This site is an expert of the open air holidays in the middle of a wild and luxurious landscape. Our campsites have something for you to enjoy the incredible moments of relaxation and total change of scenery. If you want to live an unusual holiday, come and join us in our campsites.

Luxury camping: our specialty

As one of the 5 star campsites, we offer our guests attractive offers carefully selected on the most popular places for luxury travel. We strive to find the best hotels that can bring you a total change of scenery thanks to a unique setting of greenery and beautiful color. We set several criteria before we can choose the right location to suit your needs, whether it's on the seafront, in the mountains or elsewhere. This is so that you can fully enjoy your holiday in complete serenity while enjoying a great feeling of well being and total rest. The accommodations we have chosen are far from these famous traditional campsites since we always take into account the comfort provided for the tenants with besides, a tailored service without forgetting the equipment of the last generations present in each rental.

Organize your trip with clicks

Our agency has developed a large directory of all the best campsites we offer. Their rates for days and nights are detailed under each offer. In just a few clicks you can already escape virtually on our site. Travelers will also have the chance to personalize their itineraries for the different discoveries that our campsites offer. They will only need to tick a few boxes and we will do the rest. Our team will be happy to reserve your accommodation in advance. And as far as leisure activities are concerned, we are experts in all aspects of animation. Your stay will be filled with relaxation and fun.

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