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Boat your way around Sardinia

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily and before Cyprus. To the west of Sardinia is the Sea of Sardinia, a unit of the Mediterranean Sea; to Sardinia's east is the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is also an element of the Mediterranean Sea. Lake Omodeo, the largest reservoir in Sardinia and in Italy. The nearest land masses are the island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Tunisia, the Balearic Islands, and Provence. The Tyrrhenian Sea portion of the Mediterranean Sea is directly to the east of Sardinia between the Sardinian east coast and the west coast of the Italian mainland peninsula. The coasts of Sardinia are generally high and rocky, with long, relatively straight stretches of coastline, many outstanding headlands, a few wide, deep bays, rias, and many inlets and with various smaller islands off the coast.

Periods of boat touring in Sardinia

The climate of the island is variable from area to area, due to several factors including the extension in latitude and the elevation. At boat rental sardinia, boat tours generally run from late March or early April to October. They are an excellent way to see Sardinia’s more inaccessible coastal highlights. Services are cut back considerably over the winter months, so always check ahead. If taking a car in summer, try to arrive in good time as boats fill up quickly. The most popular tours include trips out of Cala Gonone and Santa Maria Navarrese along the majestic Golfo di Orosei. Also highly recommended is a cruise from Palau around the islands of the Maddalena archipelago. Boats frequently head out of Porto San Paolo, south of Olbia, for trips around Isola Tavolara and the nearby coast. From Alghero you can take boat trips up to Capo Caccia and the Grotta di Nettuno; from the Sinis Peninsula, boat tours head over to Isola di Mal di Ventre. Most trips are by motorboats or small ferries, but a handful of sailing vessels are also on hand.

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