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Get to see all of Mykonos by renting a boat

Mykonos was a very poor city in the 50s. A hard-working people, this city has been reborn thanks to river tourism. It is on a white and blue landscape that one sneaks through the beauty of this island.

Arrival in Mykonos

Mykonos is very famous for its nocturnal festivities. And it's true that the city is very lively, but the tapas too. It is especially along the shore that we hear noise, because there are plenty of boats moored for the night. Indeed, we can come to Mykonos by plane, but the ideal is to come by boat. Mykonos is one of the islands to visit when we go around Greece, along the side of the Aegean Sea. This Island presents itself with three small islands that are not so far apart. The best season for rent a boat mykonos and visit this island is between September and mid-October. The weather is very good because it is not so hot and not too cool either, especially at night.

Beach party

The most enjoyable beach on Mykonos is Delos, this beach honors the great Church of Aginos loannis, it is beautiful and very friendly. The second beach that can be visited on a quad or even jet-ski, is the Paraga. And some beach is only accessible by heading, from where we can move our boat to the island of Lia, the most beautiful beach of Mykonos with crystal clear water. The city is served by several means of transport especially the bus that carries the image of the island. You can also rent a scooter, and it's great. There are showers and toilets on the beach and it's fantastic!

We saw the Sunset, and we also drank the coffee on the stairs in the morning, but only that we almost got lost in the lanes that are all alike.

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