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The Samboat app : How to rent a boat ?

Have you ever dreamed of boating but never done it? May be because you don’t know how to do so. When renting the boat, you must first feel safe, as this is the number one priority of all jobs. At the same time, you need to consider seating order, as water can come from any direction. You must be active in all movements.

Safety is the priority

It is of utmost importance to keep yourself and your loved ones safe! Make sure that you lease your ship from a respectable company, ensure that all safety equipment is on board, and verify weather conditions. You will follow the boating rules to the letter! Do not forget: during your boating trip, the person operating the boat should not drink any alcohol at any time!

Protect yourself from sun burns

The sun is stronger as it is mirrored on the surface, and nothing more than a painful sunscreen or, worse, sun poisoning, can ruin your boat rental. The key components are caps, buffs and sunscreen.

Dive in!

What's the point of renting a boat if you're not plunging into the clear waters and exploring the sandy shores you're heading for? Your ship will help you sail away from the crowded popular beaches and sail straight to the clear waters you've always dreamed of!

Rent a boat with samboat

If you're a new boat renter, you can still have a tailor-made boating experience for you and your crew. Leave behind the group tour boats and book your rental boat with a Samboat captain. There is no need for training. Samboat is a great option to go out for a boat rental experience, whether you're a first time boater or an old-professional. Both Samboat boat rentals include the best marketplace coverage, attentive customer service, and the opportunity to include a captain approved by the Coast Guard. Reading to go sailing? Check out today's many rental options for boats. With samboat you don’t have to know how to rent a boat, all you have to do is let you guide.

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